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how have nobody started a topic about the world of light yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WShCN-AYHqA&t=168s


I Don't Actually Know

Seems like it could be an interesting RPG-like mode, so hopefully exploring the map is more than just a glorified menu. On a different note... am I the only one that dislikes Nintendo's latest trend in vocal theme music?

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No, My Friend Dislikes It

I don't like vocal music all that much in general.

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I dislike it too

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well dang i was about to note how i love the resent use of vocals, but i get why people would dislike it i guess. on another note it definitely wont just be a menu, there are puzzles, challenges, multiple paths, i think its going to be a cool way to get some singleplayer time in

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It’s different but I just prefer instrumental and electronic better

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i think the vocals allow these songs to have more identity than just "the new smash theme" or "a jazzy Mario tune" pluss vocals require words, and that means the songs can be stories, inspirations, or help you understand the tone of the game or characters they are associated with