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Who do you all main in Smash Bros, and who do you want to main in Smash Ultimate?


I Main Ness But I Would Like To Main Piranha Plant

Ness and Pichu.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2p7Oa7fr8qQFin4-_VumWg this is me, make a guess

Jigglypuff because my brother hasn't figured out how to counter her down special and Mario because he's the most fun control wise. I would like to main K. Rool, however.

Palutena, Palutena and Daisy in Ultimate uwu

fox because I only play melee

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I main Meta Knight (in Smash 4) because I wanted to give him a chance and I just got used to him. Think I will try out Ridley/Piranha Plant but probably end up going back to fox