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Pretty sure that this forum is dead and years old, but it is called Suggestions so I'd like to be able to change my email address without making a new account. I only put a@a.com because I didn't know anything about this website before.


I don't think you get emails from here, so it doesn't really matter. As for the forum feature, I don't really get it - since the main page is all posts nobody really uses it. It makes this more of a glorified chat room, really.

I agree I need to add that, mainly to support changing your password.

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Forums are there for organization so you don't miss posts you are interested in as they disappear under a flood of new topics. And the idea was you could "subscribe" to just certain Forums/channels so you don't have to see everything. But yeah it's not really needed when there is little activity.

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Ah, I see. For some reason I thought that the old (basically archived) forums didn’t feed into here. Well I guess it’s called all posts for a reason. Also thanks for the reply.