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New Years Resolutions Thread: (My Resolution Is To Stop Making Resolutions That You Can't Keep)


my resolution is i wont waste time to make a resolution i can't keep

New years resolution is to be NUMBAH WAN again

start experimenting with new technology to build a new bitlands game

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beat this, bitches

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Mine is to find some more cool ways to use my hacked Wii. And also maybe get higher than a 7th place poster in time for 2020

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Noble aspiration Don't forget respiration

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Don't Forget To Breathe Great Resolution With This One The New Years Resolution Angel Won't Kill You

(*Intense breathing in and out*)

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Does the NYRA know the Tooth Fairy?

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How to be successful: Step 1: breathe Step 2: ??? Step 3: PROFIT

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a bit late but cut my god damned hair, i havent ever had short hair