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Found this on YouTube when searching for videos on Super Paper Mario within the last month https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2wKQ1YxxlIs


Title kind of seems click-bateish but I found it really interesting. Who knew the Korean copy had so many unused levels and what’s up with the cat-people in the background?

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I believe the video said the cat-people were from an idea for a different unmade game by Intelligent Systems

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Oh I saw this video too! And yeah, I think that was just some unmade stuff that happened to be on the SPM disc, weird.

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I'm not gonna lie, if SPM gets a remake on the Switch, it would be cool to see these unused sprites become part of a new world... (Perhaps a branch of the Sammer Kingdom that has actual gameplay outside of "Beat up Sammer Guys until the heat death of the universe?)

i actually found this video from the Cave Story Tribute Site Discord Server where somebody posted this video there, but yeah after posting the video on my Discord as well I figured that these maps and "characters" (that are actually part of the level geometry) may just be leftovers from a disc for another game that they were like "oh we still have this prototype we haven't used yet, but let's dump Super Paper Mario on this disc nobody will know anyways"

Super Paper Mario would have been better if it was released on the gamecube

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That would be super nice if they did

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Woah, that's actually pretty neat