digibutter.nerr lite

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/416343717994037249/552296492908412938/Mimi2.png well uh there's this i've been busy lol


oh yeah the mimi battle in the sammer kingdom

Keep at it! These look so good.

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thanks! I try to make em as accurate as I can(and obviously; roblox studio not displaying exact numbers so I have *some* creative liberties, like Mimi's Arms, legs & Pigtail things are bigger than they should be lol)

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Looking great! I love her dress!

I think you should try to use blender a bit more because it's nice to get out of you comfort zone and try other things, and I bet you could learn a lot of new techniques and tricks from blender too

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I am trying to use blender more, it does help in some ways, and I just need more practice with it.