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so uh anyone know where to find breadward? as in that one bread pixl


As sad as it may be, he is only real in our hearts. (Unless you do the Konami code while standing on the altar after revisiting the wedding hall, then talk to old man Watchit in Yold Town. A purple pipe should appear in his house) but you didn’t hear it from me...

the bread is a lie jk you have to go to those castle bleck, and find the nearest pit, and jump into them until you game over, and then you have to obtain piccolo and switch to bowser after playing music while in the pool that captain gills is in, go talk to king croacus, after that, go to castle bleck again and fall into the first pit that you find, and then you'll get breadward from a chest that appears at the bottom of the pit on a platform

It's quite simple actually, you just have to draw and code him yourself then hack him into the game - I'm surprised more people don't use him in their playthroughs

Ok, so first, you have to beat the game and collect every single catch card. Then, you have to talk to Francis every day for three weeks straight. Miss a day, and you have to start over. After the dawn of the 22nd day, you'll be given the option to casually mention your card collection, after which Francis will offer to trade the elusive Breadward for your collection. If you accept, Francis reveals that he indeed does not own such a Pixl, and that you've been swindled. He then inexplicably gets trapped in one of Dimentio's killer Mime Boxes and Dimentio reveals his survival to the player, where you then have to fight him in one final rematch. After his defeat, he drops a key. After this, you have to complete the entire Flipside and Flopside Pits of 100 Trials again, then go into the main square of Flipside, take the key, AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR BUTT!

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Actually yeah that's a bit easier than my method

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mod SPM. Easy.