digibutter.nerr lite

I don't want to get your hopes up... but I'm actually experimenting with some major updates to the forums and to bitlands. Fo' reals



Nice. If you do end up finishing it I'm curious how it will be

H O P E S H A V E B E E N R A I S E D.

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Your Y P E is off centered from your H. I do not know if this was intentional because it spells out T Y P E under the T. Type Hype?!? I am!

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I made it so that it was centred for me, it might be different on your browser. I'll move it over and see if it fixes it.

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It's centered now in Google Chrome for me

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it's centered for me in Google Chrome too but also I HAVE MY HOPES UP AND MY HYPES UP HUZZAH WE'RE GETTING AN EVENTUAL UPDATE

Yeah I'm a firefox guy, even though I really should switch to Icecat.

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wait that's a thing

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what's a thing?