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*Attention all poets of Digibutter* Now is YOUR chance to S H I N E! Whoever is interested can submit as many poems as they wish to this topic and I will hold a poll on which poems are the best at the end of May. Have fun with this!


Roses are red, Violets are blue, Pancakes are better, you know it's true

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You get a like

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Wait, what? So, is it like, about something specific or can it be about anything?

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Anything’s fine as long as YOU like it and others vote for it.

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We had to write a sonnet for English. I decided to make it about my girlfriend, she loved it, framed it even, lol. It's cheesy, but I'll put it here. I call her a cinnamon bun cause she often does her hair up in an adorable bun. "Hello There" Hello there, my warm cinnamon bun. How are you, on this day so bright? I love every part of you hun. They’re so apparent when I witness you in light. Hello there, shimmering shine. Cast in a sea of blue. Shine, are you love, are you mine? You’re a part of my cinnamon bun, so I love you. Hello there, little smile. Casting your warmth, melting away the morning dew. You alone would make my poker-face fragile. You’re a part of my cinnamon bun, so I love you. Hello there, my cinnamon bun, cute in her whole self, too. Please always remember… that I love you.

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Nice poem, also it would be even more romantic if it was Shrek saying “hello there”. (If it was already Shrek then you get a gold star ⭐️).

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In the night are many stars, seen in the sky, from afar we may witness them from a distant vista with a crappy job such as that of a barista but even if they shine lightyears away i'd be extremely happy to say that even in a frightful night we have the joy of starry light i write poems through the dark of dusk but as this gets longer i begin to busk in parting words i'd love to say that if you've read this ur mom gae (I remember when the rhyming fad was going on around here, and i said everything in rhyme)

this is a haiku sometimes they are very weird refrigerator (and yes this is stolen from somewhere else so don't like and no i'm not fishing for likes and if you don't stop reading this now i will come to your house and steal all of your crepes.......... you just couldn't listen huh?)

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i dont have crepes tho so what are you gonna steal at my house?

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if there are no crepes i'm stealing grapes, if those are gone i'm stealing flan, if that's not there i'll steal a pear, if those are absent i'll........... take a crab's scent?

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Sometimes love, can be a punch in the face sometimes things end up better, if you just wait so before you try to raise your ol' crew number think to guarantee yourself so-oft slumber

the wind blows and smells ever so fresh the sun shines and sears the flesh one truth man hasn't yet found within francis, nobody has been logging in.

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genius i love it

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roses are red, their seeds can sprout if i get stabbed my guts will spill out