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Spent my saturday night finishing movement 2 of the SPM indoor show I've been working on, so it's time to plug. Floro Sapien Caverns is done, along with Flipside being very VERY improved. I also included the old version of flipside, to remind myself of how bad it is. I made a playlist of the songs on soundcloud, here: https://soundcloud.com/user-757450697/sets/spm-drumline-music/s-TaxV1 Feed back appreciated, and I know the mixing is off. MuseScore isn't the best program in the world, lol.


Dude, that's really good!

nice, i like it! it makes me want to play SPM again.


Alright. We've had 3 minutes of a 5-6 minute show. What do you guys think I should use for the last 2-3 minutes? I can fit at most 2 more songs, but its probably going to be just another 'long' one like movement 2. Most indoor shows hold a vague interpretive story by using the movement of the drumline + the music being played to tell it. So we've started our adventure (Flipside), been actively adventuring somewhere (Sapien Caverns), and now for 3rd movement face some foe. For 3rd movement it may be the ultimate show, fracktail fight, its showtime, Mr. L theme, mean sounding stuff, ya know? Maybe I could implement "Memory" some how (The song that plays during Tippi & Bleck's backstory) as a song between Sapien caverns and whatever the last big bombastic movement will be. Calm before the storm, ya' know? What do you guys think?

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I don't suppose Sammer Kingdom could be worked in there somehow?

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Ooh, maybe it could be an optional replacement for Sapien Caverns. Also, I honestly don't know the legal ramifications for making this entire thing. Could I call it parody?

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It's a transformative work, so in theory it should be legal, however in practice essentially nothing is legal unless you have lawyers and a lot of money, so I wouldn't worry either way.