digibutter.nerr lite

Let's make a collab Digibutter summer picture since we're a bit slow at the moment. https://files.catbox.moe/iwbckl.jpeg I started with the beach background and added Francis in sunglasses. We can all add one thing at a time: we can't take two turns in a row, but we can add another thing if somebody else has first.


I gotta do it


reply to Francis

I got you a drink in case you were thirsty https://files.catbox.moe/x8dys3.jpg

reply to KarToon 2

Now the question is.. what is he staring AT?

reply to FishyG

that depends on what's added to the picture next...

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Ngl I don't know how to upload pictures.

reply to FishyG

i think you just open a link to the image's webpage

NinHenry's correct, you need to upload to an image hosting site, such as imgur like Francis used. Then just paste the url of the image on the site and voila.