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Legend of the Seven Stars never got a sequel... Paper Mario lost it's originality... Now Alphadream has filed for bankruptcy... Is there any hope left for Mario RPGs?


None. There's no hope for Nintendo either. It was a good run, but at last it is time to accept the mastery of the PC.

It’s quite sad definitely. I’ve been drifting away from Nintendo (with Funky Kong on my Flame Runner) for a while now. I don’t think Mario really has any potential anymore, especially after odyssey. I think Nintendo’s best bet is either a new game that doesn’t feel forced or a Kirby game that’s fun to play. I’ve got a craptop that barely runs windows ten to begin with and feels like it should have Windows Vista on it. I may be able to get a PC this winter though. It’s definitely going to monopolize gaming even more so now that Nintendo has befallen us

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Ok I may have exaggerated about my computer slightly but I still hate it

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wait but what about #RemasterThousandYearDoor

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craptop huh? I have solution: install gentoo

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Absolutely destroyed

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Reviving the PM series with a (good) game can help them alot, and a console called "Nostalgia" where you can play all games from previous consoles would be neat

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ur loss dude, GNU/Linux would make it go faster.

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I loved Paper Mario, I grew up with it

Now, it's kinda trash. At least the first three were amazing and had the right idea of a "good game", though