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Let's make the longest fake Paper Mario game subtitle possible!! Paper Mario: The _______



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Paper Mario: The Extremely Prehistoric Door Which Contains An Ancient Spirit Named The Shadow Queen Who Wishes To Take Over The World With Her Very Dangerous Powers And Is Being Ressurected By People From Space Called The X-Nauts, Or In Other Words, Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door With An Unnecissarily Long Title That Probably Should Be Shorter But Isn't (PM:TEPDWCAASNTSQWWTTOTWWHVDPAIBRBPFSCTX-N,OIOW,PMTTYDWAULTTPSBSBI)

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Well rip I thought we were starting a chain of replies.

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Extended Quest To Reach Colorful Doors On A Tower Then Go And Get the Shiny Pure Heart And Pixels Too Along With Characters And Items To Defeat Count Bleck And His Minions To Save The World From Its Impending Doom Of The Void While Bowser Flairs His Arms And Luigi Does A Backwards Jumping Dance And Mario Does An Infinite Jump Glitch Where The Entire Game Receives Very Mixed Criticism, Spawns A Forum Website Based Off Of A Geek Lizard Named Francis Who Is The Aspiration Of All Weeb Pro Gamer Kind Oh And Also Hides His Key To His Fort Outside In A Pipe In A Dungeon Room Thingie Where The Weird Cloning Enemy Drops The Key The Enemy Is Either Blue Or Orange But I Think That This Particular One Is Orange But Correct Me If I'm Wrong Also Why Sticker Star Exists Is A Great Question Lastly Did I Mention You Don't Have To Even Play The Game If You Say No To Merlon When He Talks About Our Last Bar Of Soap Or Wait I Mean Hope Or Saying No To Squirps And There's A Fish That Eventually Has Babies Without Any Other Fish In His Little Water Area So I Guess He Actually Fucked Himself So Um Yeah, As Nastasia Would Say; Have Fun And The End

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Beat That

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Well, I'm in the process of writing a paper Mario game, so here goes:

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Paper Mario: A Long Time Ago In The Town Of Shadowburg (Which By The Way Is The Town The Shadow Queen Destroyd) Professer Elvin Gadd Created An Organism That Could Insert It's DNA Into Living Creatures And Make Them Live Forever But He Accidentally Made It Control People's Minds And Turn Them Evil And Because Of This He Was Corrupted. Many Years Later The Evil Dark Magician Dimentio Who Everybody Thought Was Dead Came Back To Life Because The Floro-Sprout Planted In Luigi's Head Was Never Removed And He Was Still Able To Control His Mind So After He Came Back To Life He Recruited Fawful To Rebuild The Dark Star Which Was Recently Destroyed And Then Dimentio Began Formulating A New Plan In Which He Would Become King Of All Worlds So After Years Of Hiding He Came Out And Set Up A Wedding Between Peach And Bowser To Recreate The Chaos Heart. Next Dimentio Created An Interdimensional Rift In The Sky That Led To Rosalina's Observatory And When Dimentio Went Through He Stole The Star Rod From Rosalina (Who Is Actually His Sister) And Moved The Comet Observatory Out Of The Way So That The Rip Led To Open Space. Next He Used The Rift To Take Peach's Castle And Toad Town To His Dimension And When The Mario Bros Decided To Visit The Princess They Saw The Castle Being Sucked Up Into The Sky. Luigi Ran Off To Help The Toads Escape While Mario Ran For Help At The University Of Goom Where Frankly Was Teaching. He Looked Through His Texts To Find A Special Artifact That Could Help Save The World That Had Not Been Used Yet And Found The Elemental Gemstones Which Contained The Essence Of The Primary Forces Of The World. Supposedly One Was Near The City So Mario Went Looking For It While Frankly Researched More. Mario Found The Gemstone In A Cave Guarded By A Whomp And Beat Up The Whomp So He Could Have The Mushroom Ruby For Himself. Next He Journeyed To The Nearby City Of Koopleton To Ask Korto The Elder Koopa If He Knew Anything About The Emerald Shell And He Said It Had Recently Been Stolen From Him By A Fellow Who Called Himself The Pokey Man. Mario Goes Down To Koopa Beach To Stop Pokey Man And Retrieve The Shell Which Korto Lets Mario Keep Because It Will Help To Save The World. That's Where Chapter 2 Ends And Honestly I Don't Feel Like Covering The Entire Game Right Now So I Think I'll Sop Now And In Case You Are Wondering The Game Will Be Called Interdimensional Destruction Is This Comment Long Enough Or Should I Add More Tomorrow When My Fingers Aren't Tired From Typing Anymore?

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paper mario and the supercalifragilisticexpialidociously big case of hippomonstrosesquippedaliophobia