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this is a bit weird to mention but i just realized you know how in paper mario and ttyd the world is 3D but then Super Paper Mario comes and the world is suddenly 2D? It appears to have the same continuity, having references to previous games, and it feels weird to just dismiss it as noncanon... sooo, what do you guys think?


Mario forgot how to live in 3D after TTYD, and had to be retaught. The new way Bestovious taught hurt his head, so it takes HP if he thinks to hard about 3D existence again, lol.

Next Paper Mario game could be super Paper Mario 2 and I’m scared

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Sounds SICK.

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Ever noticed how in Most 3D Mario Games Mario Can't breath underwater but can breath just fine in space, But in 2D games he can breath underwater but needs a space helmet?

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he doesn't need a space helmet in the original SMB or NSMB, I think it's just SPM where he wears a space helmet underwater. However, in the paper games he is made of paper, after all.

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He doesn't need one underwater. I think Dimentio just meant he needs a helmet in space but not underwater. Maybe Mario just doesn't need to breathe. Perhaps the helmet is just a shield from the cold harsh vacuum of space, also revealing the reason for his needlessness of an oxygen tank in both environments.

There's also Mario land 2 for 2D outer space, forgot about star world in NSMB, didn't know about space in Mario bros, exception to 3D is 3D land/world.

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Perhaps Mario can breath underwater because the water is 2d and he can just stick his face out the side

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That's a pretty good idea, but I doubt even Mario could get through my 60 inch 4K HDR noice lookin Sony TV

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Oh yeah, nearly forgot that the screen could get in his way.