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Nintendo acknowledges that SPM exists https://twitter.com/SuperMario_UK/status/1179782437120950273


Wow, it’s a start. I’m surprised I haven’t heard of it though considering it’s from October 3rd

Maybe Nintendo could acknowledge Four-Eyes here next. (Also I didn’t mean to like my own comment lol). https://files.catbox.moe/68rr6d.jpeg

whats up francis, ill be you friend but I cant find yourcastle, or the bitlands, plz give me direction

I feel like Mario odyssey was a clue hat Dimentio never really died, or was brought back to life. Bowser is kinda dumb, but not stupid enough to forget that the last time he married peach it resulted in the end of all worlds. Only a master of manipulation could have convinced him that was a good idea. So why don't we see a big purple void in the sky, you might ask? My thoughts are that whoever Ressurected the chaos heart has other plans for it...

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If you're looking for the bitlands, either book a flight to flipside and go through the green door or ask Barry for directions. He'll probably mention that you should look for the color red.

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DON’T LISTEN TO HIM! He lies! The green door leads straight to outer space; You’ll suffocate! The Yellow door leads to The Bitlands

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Whoops, got confused since the green pure heart is from bitlands. Sorry for the inconvenience and possible suffocation

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And if you are going through the green door, remember to pack a fish bowl.

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