digibutter.nerr lite

So, I went back on to scratch for a while and finished an old project. Let me know if it's any good. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/235142104/


Oh, and the bosses aren't working at the moment. I haven't actually tried them in the new update, they might work now if I reprogram them.

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I cant get it to load

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I can't get it to load either. However if you are getting into programming, I'd recommend trying out Game Maker Studio 2.

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It can seriously do alot for how little it takes to learn.

First of all, does that cost money? I'm sticking to scratch if it does because I ain't willing to spend extra money to make video games. Also, I don't know if I need to learn much more, I've been on scratch since 2014, even if I wasn't good at it back then. Now, I think the only thing that could benefit me from that would be a 3D game engine (if that works with game maker studio)

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Can't get to load? What device are you on? I'm using a laptop, works just fine. It does take a little while to load, though.

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Pretty fun game. I could definitely see myself playing that on Newgrounds back in the day!

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it started working not longafter I sent the post sorry I should have posted that it work right after but I looked up paper Mario on scrath and was playing a bunch of games

scratch I mean sorry for the mis spell

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Game Maker 2 costs money, but it's seriously worth it if you know you're way around. The trial version lets you use everything the full version has, just limits your amount of assets. Its a seriously powerful tool. Also Unity is free, I think, Unity just shows it's logo in the beginning. If you're thinking of getting into game development as a career either of these two engines are great options.