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If you could make one change to Super Paper Mario, what would it be and why? I'd totally let mario go onto digibutter. :)


you didn't tell us why though

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because then he could make his own posts.

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That would be funny, but I feel like they should either change the NPC design or combat. Both elements were quite lacking, though I feel changes to combat would make the game more interesting. Also, maybe the 3D worlds idea could be changed? Get rid of the timer and put more obstacles into them, add new aesthetic details so it doesn't look like a big rectangle.

Sorry I can only give you half credit on this question, explain *why* you would make that change, Pixlized. In all seriousness, I would change the 3D view of areas to just be more interesting. Using 3D always feels like you're using it just to progress or find a secret, never to just explore. It felt too empty. Also, let EVERYONE flip, not just Mario. Also the removal of the 3D limit bar would've been nice. I felt it to be a mechanic that wasted my time while I watched it count back up so I could flip again without losing HP. Other than that though, I wish the Sammer-Guys had a legitmate town to go through like Yold Town. Shops with late game items, and maybe even a quest to follow would've been awesome. Would've given me more reason to feel sad whenever their world gets destroyed. Events starting at world 6 could've been this: -Mario and Co fight through a small japanese-themed area with light puzzles. -Make their way into Sammer-City. -Big giant temples and towers, shops, secrets, and quest about helping someone find their lover or sibling somewhere earlier in the level, award is XP, or an item. -At the end of the Ciyu the king gives a big speech about how the Legendary hero has arrived, unveils the pure heart, and details the 100 Sammer-Guy challenge, end chapter 1. -Mario & Co. fight 10 sammer guys, fight mimi or something. -10 more Sammer trials, end chapter 2. -Mario & Co note how big the void is getting, the king comes by to check in on the progress, quips about how he "thought the legendary heros would be done by now!" Mario & Co warn of the void, and the only way to save the kingdom at this point is to just give the pure heart now, but the king is oblivious. King ignores warning, tells them to keep fighting. -Mario & Co. fight 5-10 more Sammer guys. -Bleck pops in, says everyone is fools, and the void swallows the Sammer Kingdom, end Chapter 3. -Chapter 4 plays out in post-void area like the game has now, with the Bro-Bot fight. I feel it could make everything feel more important when Chapter 6 goes to shit, and in the end game when all of worlds are being restored, pan over a fixed sammer city, and a custcscene showing the siblings or lovers you helped being happy. Or just the lone sibling or lover if you didn't do the quest.

I think O'Chunks and Nastasia kind of got the short end of the stick when it came to count Bleck's minions. A Nastasia boss fight would have been cool, and since Mr. L and Brobot are two of the chapter bosses, give O'Chunks a boss form of some sort. Also, the O'Cabbage fight should give O'Chunks vegetable powers (Eg. an attack where he slams the ground and cabbage falls from the ceiling and bounces around, Asparagus that shoots up from the ground whenever he lands from a jump, Maybe he could hurl carrots at you or use broccoli as a shield). I think we can all agree that O'Cabbage needs a unique move set.

the longest thread in digi 3.0 history

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What about "Epin"?

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I would have loved to have seen pretty much all of these suggestions in SPM but to avoid repeating ideas that were already mentioned, I would have done something more with the NPC Heronicus. Actually, when I first bumped into him in the beginning part of the game, I thought that he would become a main character later because of how unique he seemed compared to all of the other side characters. But yeah, Nastasia and O'Chunks definitely got the short end of the stick, especially because one of the bartender's stories in either Flipside or Flopside is Nastasia's backstory about how she used to be a bat until Blumiere saved her.