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lately i have come to notice that when a beloved franchise you love dearly is so close to death it feels guaranteed, i never lose hope anyway, because most of the time if the OC's do not deliver, the fans tend to takes things into their own hands. I can think of several video game related examples off the top of my head. It is that very reason that i continue to pray for more good PM games in any capacity. I sure hope that my faith is well placed as usual...


I've been making games (as a hobby so very lightly) for 2 years and a goal of mine is to create a paper mario-esque game for fun. Not a fan game but similar to it. Problem is a game of that scope is tough with one person and I can't really convince myself to stick with it long enough. If I'm in a project too long its hard to NOT get burnt out on it. Maybe Ill find a team in the future for a project like that. If I do I'll be sure to post it here! :)

Hey, I got you covered. I'm taking on the challenge of a 24-chapter Paper Mario fangame at the moment, I'll let you know when the intro cutscene is available (I'll be releasing the game as it goes along).

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Ah sick! a man of ambition. I'd recommend lowering scope if youre a one man because that would be TAXING. Expand only if you know you can and it would suit the game itself well. If the game is to long and same-y people would never finish it, lol. What engine are you writing it in?

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The chapters are shorter, but each contains a unique plot, setting, and characters. Most Chapters also contain a boss fight of some sort. 3 of the chapters are mostly mini game-based (And I mean fun minigames, not the average kind found in RPGs. In chapter 8 you get inboard a pirate ship, have to fire cannonballs at the enemy ship while dodging their attacks, then use a partner's ability to lasso the mast of their ship, use it as a bridge to cross over, and then start looting the ship with pikmin-style gameplay). This will hopefully make the gameplay more interesting, as well as a couple new battle mechanics. Oh, and If you're getting bored of battle, there's 10 playable heroes and 20 partners (several are optional, a couple of them are only available post-game and required to enter the 24th chapter). The 24th and final chapter is optional and is unlocked when you unlock all team members and fully upgrade them. Rosalina reveals that she's been hiding something from you, and that Mario must go alone with a single partner: Goombario. I'm making this in scratch, both because I don't know how to use other engines and because Nintendo's copywriter lawyers can't shut it down. Each chapter will be released individually, work begins as soon as I'm done my current 2 projects.

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Made small pictures representing each chapter. (17-19 are in the wrong order, I made this at school so I didn't have the script for reference) https://files.catbox.moe/1wv1wy.jpeg

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This restores my hopes, thanks guys