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Francis, where’s my poster of the year award you lazy lizzard.


Oh, be patient. He'll probably hand it out after he finishes his package of nibble-ums.

He's rewatching the entirety of the Grodus Chronicles as he tends to do twice a month, I'm sure he'll get a move on after he watches the OVA's.

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Oh, I see. That is incredibly important business we should not interrupt.

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In the past it was Nerrbot that counted the posts, so I don't know if the site has it's own stats for that or not. Bear in mind as well that if Francis had left then the site would still be up for a bit after that. Speaking of which we may want to set up a bunker, though we do have the discord.

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Oh, I made a discord account the other day. I'm ready to join the server if you have an invite.

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I thought you were already in it but I guess not. https://discord.gg/BNjHew - link expires in a day so no riffraff gets in. If you need another i can always put a new link in.