digibutter.nerr lite

I was thinking about starting a Digibutter Minecraft server. Would anybody be up for that?


would be pretty cool honestly, would not mind getting in on that

Definitely! I would have suggested that in the past, but I didn't think that enough people would be on it. If you're really considering this, I might be able to host it. My new computer has a really good amount of memory. The only problem I could face is that I put my computer to sleep when I'm not using it. Also, I'd have to get my dad to find out his router password so I could set up a port forward.

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I've been using WiFi on my computer for now, but this weekend my dad and I are going to route an ethernet cable through our attic to my room.

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I was just going to host it on aternos. well that's two of you up for it, so I'll set it up when I've got some time. I'll get back to you on this.

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cannot wait to make pixel art minecraft style

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Would be epic

yes, that is all

I only have minecraft on Xbox, so I'm afraid I won't be able to join.

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Oh, I’ve never heard of free Minecraft PC server hosting. Wow. I wanted those admin perms but I guess not then. Could you keep command blocks on though?

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I’m really into Minecraft pixel art. I made a pretty much finished giant Hatsune Miku pixel art in a Mincraft Windows 10 world.

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I prefer 3D builds. I made a scale, functional model of Peach's castle 64 (getting the slide right was a nightmare), and recently I've made a cool colloseum minigame where one player sits in a booth and pushes a bunch of buttons to kill the players. Bunch of other stuff I can't remember as well, and I think I started on Flipside.