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Introducing... Paper Mario Cards https://files.catbox.moe/v0lb9o.jpeg


Whoa, awesome! The mushroom and fire flower suits look dark but that's probably just the photo. Sad Mimi's not included but cool!

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There wasn't really any place to fit Mimi in, except maybe Jack, and O'chunks kind of fits that role better. Also, Mushrooms are shaped kind of like spades and Flowers are shaped like clubs, with stars replacing diamonds. (In case you're wondering, the hearts are still hearts)

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That's freakin' sweet dude

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Oh yeah, I definitely prefer O'Chunks as a Jack over Mimi.

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finally i can play go fish or old maid, except the old maid is a jester with the power of luigi

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I still don't understand how it's possible to lose with the power of Luigi. The Jack of Mushrooms is obviously an instant-win card.

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low-technicaaal! I would maybe put white eyes on symbols. I didn't realize that was a mushroom at first glance.

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Yes, it is kind of hard to see in this lighting. Also, sorry you didn't make it in, Francis.