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Legit attempt at making Francis a move set in Smash: Neutral Special: Charges up his camera, the flash makes fighters dizzy. The longer you charge up, the longer they're dizzy. Side special: Sticks his tongue out, the player hit by it will take continuous damage and can button mash to escape faster. Down Special: Summons a meow bomb that walks back and forth until coming into contact with a fighter and explodes. Up Special: Uses large Tiptron wings to boost himself upwards Final Smash: Boots up Swoon.exe, the sheer awkwardness is enough to KO his enemies.


And every DLC fighter gets a new stage, so... https://files.catbox.moe/qly7od.jpeg

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Now we just need SPM music in smash.

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bomb man's theme is literally the most perfect you could get, and i love that

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had to look for a while to find a song that sounded right.

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Or the side B could be like Yoshi only instead of egg, they get trapped by cat robots. It could work.

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I dunno, the whole "eat the player" move was Francis's main form of attack. Plus, the tongue could work as a grappling hook.