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Just re-discovered some old toys I used to love growing up. Any of you heard of Mario Kart Wii K'nex?


OMG YES!!! Those were my childhood! I had a part of the bowsers castle set and the crank back ones! Those were the bomb!

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I remember a small piranah plant set, an ice race course with penguins, a "track expansion set", and one of the really big sets. I also found an old YouTuber I used to watch who made custom track elements called K'nex trackmaster https://m.youtube.com/channel/UChvZJ1ko97mvCakSfkNT9bQ

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I've seen K'nex trackmaster before! His tracks are cool, especially the motorized parts. It's a shame that the sets cost like 1000$ otherwise I would get them.

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I owned the Chain Chomp one, never did anything outside of a crappy loop tho

I remember having a fake wii remote, and where the batteries were supposed to go instead came with smarties.

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I remember those. I wanted one when I was younger. I wanted to bring one to school and fool people thinking I had a real Wii remote when it would just have been plastic and candy.

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First track in years: https://files.catbox.moe/ech5pr.jpeg

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Bro that looks sweet, and nostalgic af.

Thats great i own the bowsers castle one and pihrana plant one i would connect those together i still have 3 karts and characters Luigi Wario And peach missing a head

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I just repaired my mario wind up bike using legos. It works pretty well!