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https://imgur.com/svouN3j Paper Mario Game Quality Graph I hope Origami King is ACTUALLY as good as SPM like the list I made implies


It's too accurate for our own good!

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Only made SPM less than TTYD because of mechanics. I bet you all would rather better utilized mechanics in the game or the old mechanics and rpg battles of old (probably not tho because then it wouldn't have as much identity)

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I really like SPM for how it stands out from the rest of the series, but still fits perfectly in. The only reason why some people don't like it is because it's a Paper Mario game. Each Paper Mario game has a certain gimmick to it, and SPM had both flipping and platforming

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Even the thought of the new game being EQUAL to Super Paper Mario is shocking! Sure, the new game looks good, but Super Paper Mario is the greatest! I'd say it should be higher than The Thousand Year Door but I haven't played that one... However, credit where it is due Colour Splash was better than Sticker Star. The Origami King looks like it's going to be good though so it's going to be worth playing. It won't be as good as Super Paper Mario, but it'll be the best Paper Mario game in the last decade!