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Super Paper Mario was, and still is, one of the best games! But Paper Mario: The Origami King (PMTOK) displays exciting game features! What is the best Paper Mario game? And why does everyone hate Sticker Star and Colour Splash? They were not that bad!


People mostly dislike Sticker Star for putting the series into a slump and almost killing it. People were expecting something as good as SPM but ended up with a odd one where items affected the entire story and battle system. It wasn't actually an awful game though! It had it's neat part, despite kind of being dry and repetitive. So it's mostly just antagonized because of how it ruined expectations of fans

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True, I guess! It was very different. You always needed some specific Thing Cards to beat some battles. It was kinda annoying! But all in all, it's not bad. It's no SPM though!