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Does anyone here watch Mario maker troll levels on YouTube? I've been helping out the "Banned Wagon team" with their latest collab. I finally get to release all the evil I've been storing...


Occasionally I play those levels. I'm busy though most the time on SMM2 because I'm making my much-loved 'Boom Boom Story' levels, which have now been running for 15 seasons! Try them! Everyone loves them!

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I'll try to check them out in the future

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It's a series of levels where you help allies defeat enemies, whilst becoming invested in plotlines including recurring enemies and shock twists. Did I mention time travel...? It's a 5 Star play, as critics are calling it "SMM1's Goomba Story, but better!" and "Very unpredictable and exciting!"

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Check it out. The user name C0untBleck.