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ok who else here is new?

reply to DanganFan Hiyoko

You, Tree 500, Roxy Jimmy, thepapersnapdragon, Watchman bozo, Nah i dont know why, nordict, IamMarksnotKris, and a few others.

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Actually, Nordict was here for a short while before I got here, and Roxy Jimmy posted a couple things somewhat recently and then disappeared for a bit, but it is the first time they've posted in a while

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I don’t even know how to react to this anymore, so I’ll scream “ AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” too.

reply to Dimentio24

Oh yeah. I remember nordict now. Sorry bud.

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Wow lots of new people, wonder why? I found this I think looking for spm memes..

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I found think? Explain.

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I think I fixed it.