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German writer Hesse said, "Tourism is love". Since it is an "encounter", it is naturally an encounter rather than a request. Love encounters in travel, strange places, strange people, even more romantic atmosphere in the background of the beautiful scenery. Gorgeous, fantasy and blurry, people are never satisfied; encounter, an encounter of wind and snow, a moment of sudden heart. https://www.bestgroupweb.com


the heck?

Double the heck??

What the heck thrice over!

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Why is this here? Why is he here ?! Who is this!!?

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There is another?

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Tree_5000, If you'd like to, you can make a Profile Picture just go to your login and select "Edit Avatar" or something, it's in the top right controller, and blue. Just draw a tree or something, this way we'll be able to recognize you more easily... Except you probably know all of this, if you do I am sorry for intruding.

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Seventh heck

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Also, what's up with all these advertisers? Are they here now because of the new paper Mario game? Do they think it's actually worth trying to convince like 20 or so people (that probably don't care) to join their website? What in heck is hecking going the heck on here?

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Heck^8 (heck to the power of 8)

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Heck! (It’s a hecktorial) (Heck x Hec x He x H)

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That's funny.

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Thank you I made it this because in mobile I can't to to the green or lower.

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Also what is best group web.... I think it might be NSFW but I don't want to find out.