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I was going to go digital, but instead should I preorder the physical Origami King release to get these pins? https://media.gamestop.com/i/gamestop/papermario_origamiking_bonusLG.webp


I'm not one for pre-order "bonuses". but the pins do look pretty cool. they are missing Luigi and the main new companion tho.

i agree they are well made, if your a big mario fan i say go for it, but honestly im gonna just get it base game instead

I would preorder for those pins, I've always preferred physical copies of games on consoles, but I'd say for me it would depend on the preorder price. (p.s. its good to see you back here Francis)

Yeah it's a pretty weak bonus. The UK gets actual origami and magnets. https://img.game.co.uk/merch2020/Games/PaperMario/PMTOK_OrigamiSheets.jpg https://img.game.co.uk/merch2020/Games/PaperMario/PaperMarioTOK_magnetsheet.jpg

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now thats pretty awesome, and on theme

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Those pins do look pretty schweeet, but personally I’m just going to pick up a physical copy of the base game.

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I got the origami and magnets!

The origami/magnet stuff looks Schweet