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The final boss of Origami King is...


King Olly and Boswer fold into a giant mech that is powerful enough to conquer the world.

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wow dude why spoil the game for everyone here? whats your problem?

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Y-you betrayed us

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Everybody chill! He lies! His spoiler is false! I won't tell you what happens, but he's WRONG!

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Yeah, I was just trying to get people to be like "Woah that was unexpected" when they see that it's not actually a Bowser-Olly mech

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Idk, when I don't want to get spoiled I don't like to hear fake spoilers that I'm supposed to think are real still kind of ruins the story for me a little bit.

If it was another Bowser Battle I would be sooooooo annoyed! It's always some dumb Bowser Battle. Let me jog your memory: Superstar Saga = Bowletta Partners in Time = Shrowser Inside Story = Dark Bowser Dream Team = Dreamy Bowser Paper Jam = Shiny RoboBowser PM64 = Bowser (I believe. I haven't beaten PM64 yet...) Sticker Star = Bowser + Royal Sticker Color Splash = Black Bowser (he's covered in black paint. Don't take it out of context) So if TOK gave us Origami Bowser final battle I would've been really angry...

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Plus, this game was advertised as Mario and Bowser working together! It would make no sense to shove Bowser back into the final battle position again. I'm not liking the fact that Bowser just disappears after Peach's castle. Also, yes, PM64's final battle is Bowser. Not really a spoiler seeing as he's the main villain.

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Yeah, I thought Bowser was the PM64 Final Boss. Yeah, Bowser does kinda disappear for a while after the first fight at Peach's Castle... But BOBBY! I like Bobby. He's Great! He's just so likeable!