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I have completed Origami King after 4 days of playing. Probably around 25 hours of gameplay to complete. If you want to speedrun, it's probably a lot quicker. I like to take my time and do a whole load of side stuff, like rescuing Toads and filling holes. I will probably review the game on my channel at some point in the future, but overall, I enjoyed it very much. It's my 2nd favourite Paper Mario, after Super Paper Mario of course. I haven't played TTYD so that factor was removed. Get this game for a few days of great fun playing and exciting new features.


I've actually really enjoyed combat in this game, the puzzle mechanic can be fun and interesting at times, the accessories and weapons are sort of like badges, and while enemies don't vary much in the strategy to defeating them, it is still worth it to just battle every enemy you see. Coins are useful, but it's really just fun.

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Yeah! I liked that I have to THINK about what I'm doing in battles and boss battles with the puzzles, unlike the mindless attacks in other games and the <Shudders> running out of stickers.... AH! Sticker Star flashback! Yeah, the new game is great. My 2nd favourite (after SPM, obvs)!