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Wanna have some more fun at a canned food par-tay? Well, if you dive at the center of the compass on the Great Sea Chart, you can find a Canned Heart which you can bring over to them and have 'em open.


Also, can someone tell me if there's an open postgame like SPM or it's just fighting the Final Boss and then you get the credits and if you ever use the file again it just goes to the point before the Final Boss like in OG Paper Mario.

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No Post-Game. Takes you back to the last save before the final boss when you reload file.

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for some reason, i feel like this will be the last one... or the next one will be another Sticker Star.

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I can't help but worry you are right. I don't know which would be worse: 1) Paper Mario ends, but with The Origami King, which was quite good. 2) We get another Sticker Star and everybody is unhappy then sales are bad and Intelligent Systems ends up like Alphadream... And the last thing we get is ANOTHER Sticker Star...

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Actually, I think intelligent systems makes other games too, such as fire emblem. They'll probably be fine if one game doesn't sell well.

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Fair point... they might discontinue Paper Mario if it does badly though...