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Flint Cragley New Broadcast (2020-10-15): Flavio gone Missing!: Famous pirate Flavio has strangely disappeared due to unknown reasons. Please keep an eye out for anyone who may know of his location so we can bring Flavio back. Floro-Sapien Technology Revealed: The floro-sapiens have finally decided to share information on their space-age technology with the Cragnons! (Maybe now I'll be able to edit my footage!!!) Ad: any of you goombas tired of wearing the same old shoes? Try our all-new stylish shoes! (Goombarry's, now opening at Coconut Mall). 2020 Koopalympics are still to be Held!: Bowser's annual Koopalympics were going to be cancelled due to an outbreak of Mushroom famine, but Bowser has decided to run the event anyways, just a bit safer to minimize the amount of mushrooms used for healing. New Buildings in Toad Town under Construction!: Toad Town is rapidly growing as of now and new houses will need to be built. Residents of the plains area are resisting this expansion as it will intrude into their homeland. This has been Flint Cragley News. Until next time, CRAGLEY HO! This information is distributed by Dimentio21.


Nice one, brah. Made me lose my crag! CRAGLEY HO!