digibutter.nerr lite

lb: NerrBot: ReHatched v0.2 Alpha **Alpha update with a handful of small changes:** Big code restructure to make NB: RH look handsome, echo command is no longer able to echo spam Digibutter and NerrBot defends Digibutter when someone tries to use the echo command to spam, yesno command added with corresponding help command, custom value dice rolls now supported, NB:RH now posts a "Ready." message on connection, and NB: RH now actively tries to reconnect after disconnecting and posts a reconnected message upon reconnection. I wouldn't consider this update to be big feature-wise, but the code restructuring is going to help **a lot** for future updates. Turned the main file from 420 lines of code into 340, and now it's back up to 492 with this update's new code. 543 lines total across all of the files. More updates to come (hopefully) soon!


It's currently 1:00 AM EST. I'll most likely keep NB: RH up until sometime in the afternoon tomorrow for me, but there's a chance that I can keep my laptop on all day tomorrow. I want some sleep now. color=blue: Zzz