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lb: NerrBot: ReHatched Release v1.0 **HUGE feature update for the first release:** **Ha! You expected v0.3 Alpha, but you're actually getting Release v1.0!** I more than doubled the length of the code (main file length went from 492 to 1050 lines), and was up until 3:00 AM two nights in a row in order to complete this. NerrBot: ReHatched can now officially do **everything** that the original NerrBot could do, **and more!** **The Changes Include:** • Added commands: rate, online, time, tictactoe, flip, discord, and corresponding help commands for every one of them • Added functionality for listening for userupdate server events so NerrBot: ReHatched knows who's online at a given time • Added a command-universal NaN error message • Merged unnecessary utility files (dice and yesno) into the main file • Cleaned up the counter utility, turning it from 32 lines into 26 • Almost all functions other than Socket.io event functions now have docstring descriptions • The commands yesno and rate now require the arguments of a specific question and something to rate, respectively. You can no longer ask NerrBot: ReHatched to answer or rate nothing. • Fixed the bug where NerrBot: ReHatched was unable to access posts after disconnecting and reconnecting • Fixed the bug where the anti-echo spam function wouldn't get called if a user said "!rh echo !rh echo" more than two times in their message **P.S.** If there are any bugs, then they will most likely be with the tictactoe command. While I am confident in my work on the tictactoe feature, there was quite a lot of work to be done in order to (presumably, as of writing this) make it work. In fact, I would have released this update two days ago as v0.3 Alpha if I had decided to just leave the tictactoe command for the next update. With all of that said, I could use some help testing out these new features. Please, if you wish, begin to use NerrBot: ReHatched both for it's intended usage, and to help me find any new bugs. I hope that NerrBot: ReHatched will make a nice addition to the current state of Digibutter and possibly even cause more anons to stick arround and join the community. Finally, I don't want to get your hopes up, but there is a small possibility that I will be able to code in the functionality for NerrBot: ReHatched to calculate the year's posting statistics and the 2020 Poster of the year. My original goal back in August was to finish this before Christmas so I could showcase it off to the returning users. Even if I can't get this years total posting statistics, I will try my best to program in the functionality for next year. In conclusion, if Gold ever decides to get the original NerrBot running again for whatever reason, I will either take NerrBot: ReHatched down or transform it into a bot that serves an entirely different purpose. It is highly unlikely that NerrBot: ReHatched would work on any future Nerr 4.0 without heavy code modification anyway.


!rh tictactoe

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Please specify an argument for the tictactoe command.