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Merry Christmas everyone! (sorry I'm late and have been MIA) Hope you're having a fun holiday season full of video games. This year I tried to work through my lingering backlog plus a few new games like Paper Mario Origami King. And I have now beaten every Super Mario game, since I finished up this year: Odyssey, Lost Levels, Galaxy 2, 3D Land, NSMB2, and Super Mario Run. Also finished Luigis Mansion Dark Moon, NES Remix 2, & Smash Bros Ultimate. Beat indie games Pikuniku, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Donut County, A Short Hike, and Celeste. What about you?


Good lineup! I haven't really kept track of what games I beat this year, kind of surprised you hadn't played galaxy 2. This year was my first time playing Mario Sunshine, it's pretty fun but not as good as the other 3D Marios

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I had played it but never finished (and I'm not counting bonus worlds and collectibles). Maybe next year I'll finish all the Zeldas... but like I gave Skyward Sword another try this year and just couldn't care enough to see it through to the end so maybe not.

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Those are some schweet games! I want to try out the Mario and Luigi games again in 2021. Loosing my save data once in Superstar Saga just made me give up on it. I'm currently playing through the original Half Life because it's $1.99 during the Steam Winter Sale.

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The M&L games are worth a walkthrough for sure. However, now I own a GameCube I have two goals: 1) Complete Die Hard: Vendetta 2) Purchase Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and play it on my channel.

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and wrapping up the year with Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy's Kong Quest. (Highly overrated IMO)