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Hello! Name's Shadow (through social media), I've been a paper mario fan (and pretty much a nintendo fan aswell) ever since I heard about it. I found this page was real after looking at the game's wiki and I wanted to join! Nice to meet yall, hope we can get along well :3


Hey! Welcome to the place! I'm Mr. L Productions, my name through all socials (which is literally just this and Discord) and my YouTube Channel! I'm a small-ish YouTuber who likes to post stuff here, so I'm very active! We're mostly nice people! Some anons not so much, but the regulars here are nice enough. I'm usually posting my videos or info about my upcoming stuff here, along with secret never-before-seen info about Super Paper Mario 2, a project I've been working on for a little while. In the meantime, enjoy my video in the string above about the 2nd COVID Lockdown

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Oooh! That's very cool! ^^ Hoping to know yall better! ^^

Also! I saw that you have a discord for the project! I would like to join but it seems like the link to it expired, is it ok to ask to send it again? It's ok if not ^^

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Hey sure thing. https://discord.gg/W49PCEgpTG

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Welcome, I'm Count Bleck (or CB for short). Nice to meet you. Enjoy the Nerr

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Thanks! ^^ And nice to meet you too!

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Hello! Welcome to Digibutter! I go by Shadoo (referencing the SPM character), I see we've got similar names lol. I'm the oldest /currently active/ user here; I'm on my third year now, so I know quite a lot about this site's ins and outs. I'm also the developer of NerrBot: ReHatched, my fan revival of NerrBot. NerrBot used to be a fully functional chatbot developed by another user, but it broke as the site's changed over the years. You might not expect this, but Digibutter has a **lot** of history. You'll come to learn it over time if you stick around, but sadly not too many users do. I won't make this too long, but if you feel like learning more about NerrBot: ReHatched, his command prefix is "!rh", so you could type "!rh help" in the dump to learn how to use him. Nice to meet you and hope to see you around!

Hey, welcome to digi! Enjoy your stay, and just kinda do whatever I guess. Have fun!

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Oooh! That's pretty cool! :0 Thanks for the info! ^^

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Thanks ^^

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Oh, hi! I havent been on digibutter all day so I didnt see you here. I hope you enjoy being here.

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thanks mate ^^