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I wanted to tell yall that I hope yall are safe and healthy, specially with all the stuff happening outside (including the COVID19 stuff), things must be pretty hard for everyone right now. Again, I hope all of you are safe and healthy, make sure to wash your hands and wear your mask! Stay safe.


That's very kind, thanks! You stay safe too. Online lessons may not be the best, but it's best for business... In the meantime y'all can watch my vids since you're all stuck indoors! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpOhdEUPEKM&lc=Ugz9VKaKkPIVoNBQBIt4AaABAg.9ISQLF2mg_V9ISSzth53VM

Thank you! We wish the same to you! I really hope that things will get better eventually.

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No problem bud, and thanks! ^^

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You're welcome, and thanks! ^^