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How would people feel if once a month I hosted the MK8D online digibutter.nerr competition? I was thinking maybe the first Sunday of each month at some time that works for Americans and Brits alike (and everyone in-between). What's the general opinion?


I'd be down if I had it lol

I was planning on hosting it, but that works. If you’d rather do it then go ahead.

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Oh no, you can host if you wish. I was just offering my service up here. Also, it'd be best if we did it as a friend room, so we'd need to all have your friend code so we can join. Or we do it as a private tournament that you need a password for (if that's a possibility).

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I would like that but I don't have n online.

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It's fine. We'll still need to have to have a vote on the match settings though.

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I wish Nintendo didn't get rid of the free NS Online trial codes.

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Oh I didn't even know about those.

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Super Steal My Sister's Switch Lite Because My Switch Broke Odyssey