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My opus is here! The time has come near! Fearl the image url for my art is a living hell! https://postimg.cc/XZSm1Kmz Village Associates in the Old Yold Town, now in the future, building up for a crown. https://postimg.cc/sBY8kQRD The leaders of that strange old place, Bozzo with his unmatched face. https://postimg.cc/dL3bhVG4 Beta NPCs now as Party Members! Left behind once, but now fully remembered. https://postimg.cc/87rxbXKv Less known friends at the end of the Village! Our shrine maidens temple, renovated and pillaged.


I hope the links show up better for you please, I worked very hard on, uh, these so for things to not work that well it feels like it’s own special hell.

Ooh! These are cool, I'll say it again, I might as well give it a ten out of ten!


Amazing. PogChamp indeed.

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I might make more, if it is implored

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Also if anyone has questions feel free to ask