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Pixel avatars are so Nerr 2.0. The pfp now reigns supreme once again on digibutter.



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How did you do this?

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I don't really want to say for fear of it being abused. I think it should be earned through discovering it yourself. I actually discovered it by accident. I was originally trying to write a browser script to make it seem like it were Talk Like a Pirate Day every day here, but that turned out to be impossible (without me writing a ton of my own messy code in a language that I'm not even fluent in) because the code I would need the script to edit is called for externally instead of being inline in Nerr 3.0's HTML. I then attempted to try something else, but that plan failed too; however, at least from this second attempt I learned about this. Hint: The avatar isn't being set externally (i.e. through NB or something of that sort), you manually have to set it to your account. Just think about how you would normally do that, and know that the way in which you do that is handled in a /hidden/ way that unintentionally allows for this to work.