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color=red: **Nintendo Direct 9.23.2021 Significant News** * Kirby and the Forgotten Land • 2022 * New Smash fighter reveal • October 5th * Mario Golf Super Rush content update * Animal Crossing: NH content update * Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack • Just NS Online, but with access to a small N64 + Sega Genesis game selection to be emulated on the Switch * Wireless N64 and Sega Genesis controllers now for purchase for NS Online members * Bayonetta 3, if that's your thing * /And of course, Chocobo GP, am I right Nerrs?/ **Nintendo X Illumination • Mario Movie • Holiday season 2022:** Mario will be played by Chris Pratt • LULZ Bowser will be played by Jack Black • DOUBLE LULZ Charles Martinet will make cameos And various other actors whom I don't care enough to list will also be involved Did I miss something? Leave a reply!