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The end of the NS's reign exists beyond the horizon: https://news.yahoo.com/nintendos-already-working-next-major-155412702.html • Switch is now in its "mid-years" • Still in the idea developing stage • No credible rumors at this time • Continuing with the same "integrated hardware-software approach" as with past consoles IDK, I'll wait and be surprised when the time comes. I'm not going to be on the edge of my seat this time around. Thoughts?


Considering they phased out the DS line after the success of the Switch, I expect they'll continue the hybrid console-handheld format instead of having to produce two new devices for the different types. That would probably mean them refining the Switch's design (cough Switch Pro cough) similar to how the Gameboy and DS lines evolved, or to a lesser extent how the Switch feels like what they wanted the WiiU to be. Of course, this being Nintendo means it's equally likely they'll throw the entire thing out and make something completely different, but we won't be able to tell the real leaks from the photoshops for a fair while yet.