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In chapter 4, the hedrons are actually enemies and can be killed after shooting them 256 times. They earn 256 points.


I did not know that. Cool. Also, welcome back to digibutter; we're still alive! (and we feel fantastic too)

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I was surprised to see life ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm happy to see it's still running though

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That's game coding.

Slightly related, but Dimentio's "Dimension D" makes everyone in it 256 times more powerful Another 256

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Well, 256 is a very prevalent number in video gaming considering it’s the number of different value combinations that a normal, unsigned byte can represent (2^8). 0-255 can be stored in a byte of data, while 256 is the first integer that can’t be (example: the Pac-Man lvl 256 bug). It’s also the maximum number of any one card that Mario can hold in SPM if you use a cheat to allow more than 99. 256 is a very powerful number.

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Did you knew that reaching Pac-Man's 256th level would cause a glitch making it impossible to clear that level ?

256 appears numerous times in SPM. When flint tells his story in a chapter intermission his crew says he's told that story 256 times. And dimension d is supposed to make dimentio 256 times more powerful. Etc.

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Yep. That’s precisely what I was referencing.