digibutter.nerr lite

Wait this is a thing- I was legit just replaying Super Paper Mario and I saw Francis mention this website, and all I could think was "wait is that an actual website" and here I am!


yeah this is a thing, has been since 2007 not very active anymore but it's cool

Yeah, what Ambient said. You should definitely stick around, it’s been pretty lonely here for the past decade, though I’ve only been around for almost half of that now. We’re a super cool little hidden community these days, and we even have an unofficial Discord server as well to encourage nerrs to not just leave after 5 femtoseconds.

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Is it a possibility I could have a server link?

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oh neat another one

!rh discord

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Digibutter Unnoficial Discord (D.U.D.) official invite link: https://discord.gg/fRnV3kt