digibutter.nerr lite

Hello to any new nerrs that have just discovered our wonderful website. Hopefully some of you will join us here. We've just started a little mini-campaign to try to make digibutter somewhat active again in order to promote the likelihood of us getting a site-redesign and not going extinct. There's a lot of history to our community, and what makes us unique is that we're one of very few fan community websites that exist to this day and didn't turn into either some abandoned chanboard or move to social media. Anyway, while you're here, I'm tempted to say that you're here forever now, so go ahead and get comfy: create an account, make an avatar, read up on some old funny lore on the wiki (https://digibutter.fandom.com), join us on our Discord server (https://discord.gg/fRnV3kt), and help us prepare this community for the future of digibutter simply with your presence and posting alone! Here's a little welcome collage I made which is an updated version of the welcome image from digibutter 2.0, posted 10 years ago. It showcases some of our most popular members along with some of our favorite in-jokes and memes here on digibutter: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/505397834976067596/999757862798643370/DigiWelcome_4.0.png #welcome


I've actually known about this website for quite some time, but just recently decided to finally make an account. No regrets!

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Awesome! You’re probably less likely to abandon us than most then. I was a lurker once too, but back in those days, I was really just scared of all the stupid anons lol