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Out of these 4 options which is most pleasing design/aesthetic wise Mario/Luigi/Wario/Waluigi Go! (for me it has to be waluigi, i just love purple and his mustache game is strong)


Wario for me. Yellow and purple is a strong palette, and he's got the coolest moustache IMO

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the garlic master himself is quite INCREDIBLE indeed!

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Waluigi FTW! I understand that he's probably the most popular of the four as the sort of underused character he is, but indeed, his mustache is just **on point,** and his whole look is pretty unique to top it off.

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i love the character design on waluigi he is incredibly skrunkly and mischievous looking he is 100% a lad a conniving one at that luigi is also quite shaped i like luigi luigi's cool