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now that ive finished the game it is time i tell everyone about Chicory: A Colorful Tale You live in a world where everyone's named after their favorite food!! With your trusty broom, you're Chicory's Janitor for the weilder tower! You're Chicory's biggest fan!! And you're doing your best, until one day.... 10/10 game 100% oh my god,, In Chicory, you can: • pet over 40 cats, all assembled in one room • paint the world around you!! • discover the mysteries behind the magic paintbrush.... the brush that gives our world color! • decorate literally anything you want • solve puzzles and explore an entire world!! • be a very cute small dog there's a lot of accessibility features!! stuff for eye strain, screen resolution, gives warnings for content if needed, button toggles, can disable screen shake and have text be more readable, etc. which was all very appreciated!! ran this game on basically a potato and it ran very smooth! as for the things i Really Loved • the soundtrack!! is!! oh my god?? honestly should just buy the game to get through this.. It's by Lena Raine! the same person behind the Celeste ost, and made pigstep for Minecraft! I believe she's also in some Deltarune songs • the story is lovely and very heartfelt!! i totally cried like 3 times.. I love the character interactions • really cute animations and character designs, worldbuilding is lovely, and there's so many plants, many collectibles around the world which are super neat too • there are so many ways this game allows you to be creative. there's a lot of cool mechanics with the brush itself and its very fun to paint!! it also sounds nice?? the sound design is nice • a lot of postgame! (or, "postgame?" in my run i was so invested in the game i accidentally did Literally All of the Postgame before actually finishing it,,) favorite characters: pickle, marzipan, pancake, chicory, dr cheese, cashew, chilli idk man go play the game,, or a watch a playthrough,, anything lmao its amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcg1uzgVtXY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XisVOrFQH7M


color=yellowgreen: >Kid named finger Sorry, I had to. Sounds like a cute game.


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