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10 months ago
26i haven't played TTYD yet for myself but I did watch a lets play of it a few years back and I think that TTYD is "technically" the better game overall probably but i'm an absolute sucker for a good story and interesting characters like in SPM.
KarToon 26

TTYD has a good story and interesting characters, and in the character department I would say that in my opinion TTYD is better.


yeah i agree i think TTYD has the best balance between gameplay and story out of the first three.

KarToon 24

After SPM all the other Paper Mario games are bad too, which would make TTYD the best balance of gameplay and story of the entire franchise, not just the first three, in my opinion


awe color splash was bad too? i haven't played or heard that much about it yet. did it end up worse than sticker star??

KarToon 22

This is all just my opinion of course, but I think that Color Splash was the worst one, sticker star was at least somewhat memorable for the stickers but not a lot else. Of course it isn't a BAD game, but it is most certainly a bad Paper Mario game, after all it has such fantastic games to try and live up to. The main problems with Color Splash, I feel, are that the story might as well not be there it's so bland, and the battles and level designs aren't that interesting. The best part is honestly the graphics.


awe that's really disappointing I was really hoping color splash might have gotten the series back on track</3

KarToon 2

Well, maybe try it for yourself, you might feel it got the series back on track- numerous reviewers seemed to think so.


I've played all Paper Mario games and I think TTYD is the best. I also liked Paper Mario (n64), which was the first Paper Mario game I played and I loved it. SPM is a good game, but I prefer the style that the first two games had. Sticker Star and Color Splash are good as well but I really wish they would just bring back the style of the first two games. Overall I'd actually say Paper Mario TTYD is my favourite game of all time. The characters, the story, the soundtrack and the different chapters all form together to create what I consider, a near to perfect game for me.


Also, who did the lets play that you watched?

KarToon 24

I am embarrassed to admit I played the first Paper Mario on the Wii like a pleb


It's ok, so did I...


haha weak i played paper mario 1 for the first time on the wii u beat that skrub


oh and it was Chuggaconroy's lets play.


Excellent, Chuggaconroy's lets play got me into Paper Mario


He really does do a great job of bringing out the characters and story of the game.


Haha, I didn't even know they had it on wii u, I'm still waiting for a gamecube virtual console, but it doesn't look like thats going to happen anytime soon.


He really does, he's pretty much the entire reason I ended up buying xenoblade chronicles and getting into animal crossing.


RIP in peace gamecube :'c


I've gotten into Animal Crossing from him as well. I'm yet to try Xenoblade Chronicles, I know its Chugga's favourite game of all time but I've just never gotten around to watching his lets play of the game or actually playing it.


I watched his entire lets play but I havent beaten it for myself yet </3

KarToon 25

I find it fascinating that people enjoy lets players like chugga so much- I find it so difficult to comprehend, I just find chugga so boring to watch. I guess I'm different than most people though, judging by his subscriber count


For me, its mostly the nostalgia factor of watching Chugga. I didn't have many video games when I was young so I resulted to watching others play video games on youtube. Chugga was the first person I watched and ever since I first watched his lets play of Super Mario Sunshine (about 9 years ago), I've grown to like nearly every Mario game hes lets played due to the fact that I love the way he connects with the games story and characters. I love Chugga's commentary and from watching his videos I acquire a strong sense of nostalgia from when I used to watch him as a kid. I feel like he's changed a bit now in that he no longer talks about his personal life and he pretty much never makes any dirty jokes or anything (something he did in his older videos) but I'll still watch him if hes playing a game i'm interested in. He's also responsible for getting me into many games which I'd consider my favourite games of all time such as the first 3 Paper Mario games, Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine.


I watch no other lets players though because I find them boring and I have no connection with them. Some other people (like my math teacher) say "why watch someone play a video game when you can play it yourself.", something which I understand because I won't really watch anyone play videos games unless I need help with it or if I don't have access to the game, or if its Chuggaconroy then I'll watch it.


for me it's a tie between nostalgia and the fact that no other let's players i've ever seen make me feel as relaxed and calm as he does. IDK its kinda weird I guess.


Exactly, sometimes I'll just watch him when school is being sh*tty.

KarToon 2

Are you implying that there is a time when school ISN'T sh*tty?

8 months ago
2And another year passes without a /Super Paper Mario 2/
Derp the patroopa64

well all we need is a butterfly photography simulator

kr3wd00d yt nerr

and there is probably going to another year without one | | -

The PlayBoy
6 months ago
reply to Jenna posted 5 months ago


bob the skeleton
5 months ago
1playing through the game again, was wondering what others think is the most annoying world (although all are amazing, not dissing the game) Im not the biggest fan of space.

I also wasn't a big fan of space, the maze type stages in particular (most of the middle ones) were kind of a pain to navigate through and it wasn't really enjoyable for me.

5 months ago
2This game is so great! I especially love chapter 3-4. I wanted to play it forever! Forever... and never finish the story... Francine...
KarToon 2

At least you're not spamming, I guess, but this is some really weird roleplaying you're doing, and I don't know why- do you enjoy monologuing to yourself as a character on a forum where people actually discuss things with one another? Interesting hobby.


Solid Francis vs. Liquid Francis

Shining Fame
31 days ago
9Super Paper Mario Headcanon Thread: Post Your SPM Theories Here, Of Course.
KarToon 26

Dimentio is gay

Shining Fame5

I Need Evidence To Support This

KarToon 24

He goes inside Luigi

Shining Fame3

ok ummm no

KarToon 22

He puts his seed in Luigi too.

Shining Fame1

no it's not a seed, um... it's a sprout

KarToon 2

and a sprout has to sprout from a seed


Luigi X Dimentio


Yes, Super Dimentio is just the epitome of gayness. Side note, on the next revision of this site (The Bitlands) I am voting for a function to update your email.

3 days ago
1i love this game, honestly it's up there with New Super Mario Bros WII for me.
Shining Fame

SPM Is Great But New Super Mario Bros. Doesn't Have A Scene That Scars You For Life, But New Super Mario Bros. Doesn't Have A Cool Story So I'd Say They Are Pretty Equal