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KarToon 2
reply to BasicallyAStallion posted 10 months ago

At least you're not spamming, I guess, but this is some really weird roleplaying you're doing, and I don't know why- do you enjoy monologuing to yourself as a character on a forum where people actually discuss things with one another? Interesting hobby.


Solid Francis vs. Liquid Francis

Shining Fame
6 months ago
9Super Paper Mario Headcanon Thread: Post Your SPM Theories Here, Of Course.
KarToon 26

Dimentio is gay

Shining Fame5

I Need Evidence To Support This

KarToon 24

He goes inside Luigi

Shining Fame3

ok ummm no

KarToon 22

He puts his seed in Luigi too.

Shining Fame1

no it's not a seed, um... it's a sprout

KarToon 2

and a sprout has to sprout from a seed


Luigi X Dimentio


Yes, Super Dimentio is just the epitome of gayness. Side note, on the next revision of this site (The Bitlands) I am voting for a function to update your email.

5 months ago
2i love this game, honestly it's up there with New Super Mario Bros WII for me.
Shining Fame

SPM Is Great But New Super Mario Bros. Doesn't Have A Scene That Scars You For Life, But New Super Mario Bros. Doesn't Have A Cool Story So I'd Say They Are Pretty Equal


I've always prefered games with good stories, mainly because I suck at platformers, I'm ok with SPM though so I'd say I prefer it as opposed to New Super Mario Bros.

The Voice MV
reply to bob the skeleton posted 4 months ago

World 6. The Sammer Kingdom should have been a sidequest, not a mandatory challenge. If we're talking about worlds with actual levels, World 4 is the most tedious since its the hardest to navigate, and a lot of the space portions look the same.


I’d probably say space but if I could say a particular level *cough (Merlee’s basement) *cough although you eventually get through it.

Shining Fame

yeah i really hate merlee's basement

Derp the patroopa643

its been a while since i played the game myself, the basement is where you meet Mimi right? anything including that nightmare creature of an adorable green girl is more confusing for my emotions than annoying

Shining Fame2

YES That Basement Was Super Confusing To Navigate And Mimi Probably Gave Me Childhood Trauma And Trying To Navigate The Basement With Her Running Around Trying To Murder You Is A Total Pain


Eh, honestly Mimi didn’t really affect me as a kid, if anything I think I was expecting more once she went into her animation.


when i was younger, mimi's true form was nightmare fuel not only because of the gross transformation but I absolutely hate spiders

reply to Francis posted 4 months ago

I guess we can still hope,right?........no?...okay

KarToon 2

PaperShy huh? Have the bronies finally invaded? The end draws nigh


It's been 12 whole years, starting to lose hope


i highly doubt nintendo would make another super paper mario, as much as i love the game. nintendo would either make another color splash or thousand year door

Natasia Fan
2 months ago
5https://imgur.com/tLIWKYM Just Mimi https://imgur.com/a/cTcUK7Y Mimi and her in spider form i guess.. Yeah so um.. I made Mimi in Roblox studio(because sadly, i am not smart enough to use blender or something) i should post it here right? i don't know i hope someone enjoys it..
Shining Fame4

This image either doesn't exist or is no longer available I think you should try reposting it

Natasia Fan

ah, 'k i'll try again..

Natasia Fan2

it might work now.

Shining Fame1

oh! well i can see it now and it's really good looking

Natasia Fan

i try to make em as well as i can.. for a person like me using roblox studio.

Natasia Fan
2 months ago
6https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/343205286225510400/550050795857641494/MIMIMI.gif was gonna try maybe animating her in blender but i'm a complete noob with it so here's this instead!


Natasia Fan


Natasia Fan

I'm also gonna get started on Count Bleck or some other character so i have something to show next time.



Natasia Fan1




Natasia Fan
2 months ago
6https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/416343717994037249/552296492908412938/Mimi2.png well uh there's this i've been busy lol
Shining Fame

oh yeah the mimi battle in the sammer kingdom


Keep at it! These look so good.

Natasia Fan

thanks! I try to make em as accurate as I can(and obviously; roblox studio not displaying exact numbers so I have *some* creative liberties, like Mimi's Arms, legs & Pigtail things are bigger than they should be lol)

Princess Peach

Looking great! I love her dress!

Shining Fame1

I think you should try to use blender a bit more because it's nice to get out of you comfort zone and try other things, and I bet you could learn a lot of new techniques and tricks from blender too

Natasia Fan

I am trying to use blender more, it does help in some ways, and I just need more practice with it.

Natasia Fan
2 months ago
3https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/557964463811199006/558054328770887701/rtghy.png i am not dead 'k? even though it's only been ten days or so. So this is Hooligon.(It's from super paper mario if ya didn't know)
Shining Fame

the hooligon is my favorite polygon... err shape.... errr.. shapes

KarToon 21

We'll only think you're dead if you leave for 2 years or so, that's the average time between digi posts