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3 years ago
3Reviews are in... it's better than /Sticker Star/ and /Paper Jam/ , so that's something http://www.metacritic.com/game/wii-u/paper-mario-color-splash

I played the first few levels, overall it seems really enjoyable. Buuut the battle system is a tedious pile of shit, as predicted


I like everything except the battle system. The Thing cards are INCREDIBLY BROKEN.

3 years ago
3Speaking of broken battle systems... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOwKQ7mVc2g

Every kamek battle is an utter shitshow but I'll admit it's never been that bad for Doops




This is why you don't created a different battle formula just for the sake of being different.

reply to Francis posted 3 years ago

I liked Paper Jam

3 years ago
2The storyline is good, but the battle system could be far better. The kamek battles and thing cards are utterly broken, making you way underpowered or way overpowered. Also, if you're looking to 100% the game, gathering everything for the museum is utterly tedious... But everything else is quite good.

Oh god. I just realised I started a new topic..>.<


Getting all the enemy cards is gonna be a shitshow if it doesn't get any easier down the track, but all the other cards seem pretty simple to find

19 months ago
2I hate this game! The graphics look pretty, but the gameplay is SO not technicaaaaaaal! I mean, I don’t have it and have never played it. But I can tell it’s just for nerrrrrrrrrds who want Paper Mario back! Please like. Really, please. I feel so empty inside! Francine... come back... Tiptron will never replace you...
KarToon 2

Uhhh... What? Why are you doing single-person roleplaying here?


There's already a Francis on this website, and whoever owns the account is an admin. Basically, the role is taken

18 months ago
6What would you think if they ported this game to the Switch? Does it deserve a second life?

I think it would be cool to have it as a portable game but tbh i'd prefer a port of TTYD or Paper Mario 64.


Sure, eventually. It hasn't even been two years though so it's probably at the bottom of the Wii U ports to-do list. below NSMB U, Pikmin, 3D World, Mario Maker


Ugh I would loove original PM on switch.


I actually kind of enjoyed this game with only a few downsides so a port could have potential. I hated the bloopers at the islands!

KarToon 2

It does deserve a second life, but the Switch is unworthy of it, I think.


maybe if they fixed it up a bit.